Friday, August 21, 2015

The Hundo Club

Welcome to the Hundo Club! No, this isn't more complaining about the 100+ temperatures. This is to celebrate a milestone! This post counts as my 100th post on this blog!!!

InstagramFor this special occasion, I thought I'd share a few new things. For starters, I'm finally on Instagram. Follow me @InebriatedEngineer, I promise it will be just as lame as this blog.

To go with my newly revamped image as a social media maven (that's sarcasm, by the way), I thought I needed a few new logos. The first needed to be something simple that I could use in a few other projects geared at getting the word out about this place. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the few of you who stop by on occasion, but it'd be nice to reach more people than would fit in a mid size sedan.

So for a start, how about some stickers. I fucking love stickers.

The next logo was just something I did for fun. While walking back to our ride after leaving the East Side Classic, Mike and I walked by this curious piece of graffiti. If you're familiar with the area, I'm sure you've seen it. 

(Photo stolen from Michael Connell Photography. Visit his site, especially his car and bike show photos.)

With a little time in Gimp and my very basic photo editing skills, I came up with this guy. For now I only use it as avatar on the few forums I frequent.

Not sure what else I'd use it for, like I said it was just for fun. Though, it has crossed my mind to do something nice for you, my inaugural readership. Maybe some limited edition "Hundo Club" t-shirts?

Hold on, before you think I'm being way too generous, I know there are like three of you total. Seriously. Oh well, it was a thought.

Anyway, if you've read any of my posts prior to this: thank you!

If you've did that and yet came back again: thank you very much!!

I've you've read all of my posts up until this point: Mom, quit stalking me on the Internet. I'll call you Sunday.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Triple Digits, New Parts for Ginny, and Caroline goes on the Chopping Block.

No one wants to hear yet another person complaining about the triple digit temperatures here in Austin. It's hot, we get it. I am from Texas so I am "used" to these temperatures, but it doesn't mean it doesn't suck after more than a couple days. Not enough to want to leave Texas, but that's another story.

In the meantime, I have been up to my usual nonsense though not enough at any one time worth posting about. I have been working on another project as well (inside, where it's air conditioned) that is unrelated yet quite related to my usual stuff, but I'll post more on that later.

I've taken a couple weeks off of casting because no one, even I, wants to stand over a 1500*F furnace when it's still 100*F outside at 10PM. I am anxious to get back to that but not before the mercury drops a bit.

I have also worked in some time to get a few small things done on Ginny. Again, it's too hot even in the garage to get much done at one time but I have gotten several of the little things accomplished when I had a few minutes. Each was just a small item, most of which unworthy of an individual post so I've grouped them here.

I cleaned up the spark plug wiring as I mentioned in my previous post. 

I also was able to get the new throttle cables installed. This was something I tried to do before PMR but it seemed like the cables I ordered had just a hair too little free play to be able to get them them to seat. After studying them for a little bit, I realized I could removed the spacer under the cable seats at the carburetor. 

This gave me a little more slack than I needed but I was able take it up with the adjusters. It also solved a second issue I was having with the cables rubbing against the after market tank.


While she was up on the lift, I decided to install the kicker support bracket (I still don't know why one of the POs removed it) and also to swap in a new rear brake cable.
I also tightened up the fork stem but decided to hold off on replacing the leaky fork seal because A) I couldn't remember which one it was and B) I forgot to buy a new seal. That's something I can do with it on the motorcycle jack anyway so time to free up the lift.

Finally, she's back on the ground! It was a little too late the other night while I was doing this to fire her up so that'll have to wait for later.

Since I was moving bikes around though... I decided it wasn't too late to fire up the tiddler (a.k.a. CL70).

I'll be taking this little guy out to the Harvest Classic again this year so I wanted to knock some of the dust off it. I'm sure the neighbors didn't really appreciate me zipping round the neighborhood in the middle of the night on it but at least it wasn't an Ironhead.

Speaking of, my final task of the the evening was to put Caroline on the lift and start making decisions about what pieces I need and what to sell.

She does look kind of sad awaiting her fate.