Friday, November 6, 2015

"If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?"

Hell no, Ma! I'd find a much higher bridge and show them how it's really done!!

So here's a rare video actually showing my ugly mug. Albeit more than a decade ago. I'd like to say this is from when I was much younger and dumber, but we both know only one of those is true.

If you follow me on InstagramInstagram, you'd know I was jamming out to Richard Cheese last night. That reminded me of this old video and... well, here you go.

I swear, this cliff at Lake Georgetown seemed much higher 10 years ago. Actually, a math nerd friend of mine calculated the height based on the free fall time (remember ol' d = vi • t + ½ • a • t2 from your college days?). It came out to just about 60 feet but it certainly felt higher at the time.

So the back story is: we were out on the jet skis and, yes, there was alcohol involved. The lake level was way down but saw some high school kids jumping off a cliff about halfway up the southeastern shore. I thought, "I can do that!" so I had my buddy hold my ski and swam ashore. After hiking up the path I thought led to the middle ledge, I couldn't find the opening that led to the water. I kept following the path and soon realize I was at the very top. Well, I wasn't going to walk back down so... "Weeee! ... Oww!!"

Anyway, I ended up cracking three ribs (hence my gasping for air at 00:41). We were supposed to go sky diving the next weekend but, of course, I was not allowed to in that state. So I looked for something else exciting to do.

I ended up taking the Motorcycle Safety Class that weekend instead and got my 'M' license endorsement. Fast forward to today and I have a garage full of motorcycles in various states of assembly. It's funny how one afternoon of nonsense can change your interests so drastically.