Friday, October 2, 2015

Rebuilding a Carburetor

Something was definitely wrong with Ginny. I'm not sure if it's something I said or what but... she left me stranded. She broke down and refused to start and I learned a valuable lesson... never test ride a bike farther than you're willing to push it home.
Once back in familiar surroundings (i.e my driveway), she just wouldn't run right. Hard to start, when she did, would only run on choke.... all signs pointed to the carb.  I was hesitant to tear into it as it had run so well before but, what to do? A rebuild was in order.

Ordered up the "Master" rebuild kit and printed out the instructions from S&S... let's see how bad we can mess this up!

Actually, it wasn't quite that bad. With the instructions and parts diagrams, it came apart quite easily. 

When I took apart the cover for the accelerator pump... EWW! Not quite sure what the hell all that business is but it might be part of my problem! 

Anyway, tore apart the rest of the carb to its constituent parts. Now, how to clean it?

I know, I have an ultrasonic cleaner from one of my "other" hobbies, let's wash the bitch in that!!

So, before we go much further. I'd like to point out the back page of the book visible in the last pic. That certainly was not intentional. However, I found it quite amusing to see it upon writing this. 

If you need an explanation, if you care, it is a book I was reading at the time. It happens to be Saki (a.k.a. H. H. Monroe) "The Chronicles of Clovis" that I picked up at a used book store a few week prior. Hilarious stories to me, probably not your thing.... 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... There were some subtleties in rebuilding it. But I definitely have to give credit, in addition to the S&S manual, I also relied on the write up from Wrench at (Thanks for posting that!)

It's finally all back together, now just hope to get some time soon to bolt her back up, and see if Ginny forgives me.

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