Saturday, November 22, 2014

The PCB Part 2: Transferring the Layout and Etching

As mentioned previously, I'm using the toner transfer method to create my PCB.  I've read a lot of methods that used Inkjet printer photo paper as well as some people who have had success using glossy magazine pages, both printed using a laser printer.

I decided to try both since I already had the photo paper but, in the future it would be nice if the magazine pages work since I have plenty of those around.

The bits....
The board trimmed to size, scuffed with Scotch-Brite and the iron ready to go.

Attempt #1 with the photo paper, not much of the layout transferred.

Attempt #2 with the magazine paper.  I believe this piece came from a catalog I received in the mail.  A little more transfer but again, not complete.

Attempt #3, back to the photo paper.  This one seemed more promising as I actually had to soak the photo paper to remove it.  But, after doing so, it was better but it still wasn't a complete transfer.

I'm too drunk and/or tired to mess with this any more tonight.  I have a couple of theories about what may be wrong (other than the obvious).  First, several of the articles refer to setting the laser printer to use maximum/darkest toner setting.  The one I'm using doesn't allow that option so I'm stuck with the standard amount.  Second, and most likely, I'm not being patient enough when heating the paper with the iron.  I'm probably moving the iron too soon and not being careful enough with overlaps which may be leading to the gaps I'm seeing in the transfer.

I'll try again at a later date.

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