Saturday, January 10, 2015

More Treasures from My Favorite Store

While I was out running errands during the holiday break, I stopped by my favorite store (aka Goodwill) to see if I could pick up any additional material or accessories for my casting project(s). Sure enough, they did not disappoint.

I managed to find a decent pair of all-metal tongs and a couple of brass candlesticks. I also found several of those aluminum water bottles. Those were pretty neat because, aside from using them as an aluminum source, I thought they might be handy to use for auxiliary fuel bottles similar to the ones they guys at Lowbrow Customs and others are selling. All of this for just a dollar or two apiece.

But by far, the best thing of all... a Guinness pint glass!

It's no secret that I like Guinness and I've had a few of these over the years but they always seem to get broken. Anyone who drinks Guinness, particularly from the draught cans (the ones with the "widget"), knows that they are 14.9 oz which is just a bit too much to fit in a standard U.S. pint glass. 

That's the beauty of these Guinness glasses: they are imperial pints (~20 oz) and the perfect size for the entire contents of the can. Enough blabbing... now I'm thirsty!

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