Friday, January 9, 2015

What's in the Bag?!?

That's right, boys and girls... it's time for another exciting round of everyone's favorite game: "WHAT'S-IN-THE-BAG!!!"

This is one of my favorite parts of buying old vehicles, going through the belongings the previous owner(s) left behind.  The XLCH I recently picked up had a fork tool bag attached that was pretty crusty but I could tell it was full.

Inside, there was what to appeared to be an old, grease (and who-knows-what) stained t-shirt.  It was tightly wrapped around something.

What could it be?!?!? Drug paraphernalia? A severed hand, perhaps?

Nope, just some rusty allen wrenches, a 1/2" wrench, and a t-shirt from the Hays Hills Baptist Church....

Though, in some ways I found the grungy, disheveled church t-shirt to be slightly more creepy than a severed hand would've been.

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