Friday, March 6, 2015

Apologies to My Buddy 'J'...

... it will serve a better purpose. MINE! 

In one of my trips to my new favorite store, I returned with a really awesome double walled stainless steel thermos. 

I bought it because it was SS and thought it might make a nice crucible for my casting endeavours. When I showed my new find to my buddy J, he lauded it for its original purpose. In fact, he told me he'd bring in something else for trade to save it from my destructive hand.

Alright, so yes... if you look at it as a thermos, it's a pretty damn awesome thermos. But, if you look at it from my blurry, inebriated eyes... Damn, that's a good double boiler for one of the other projects I'm working on. 

Well, J was late to the trade so zip-zip, I cut it down.

Looks good. Can't wait to use it as a double boiler to melt some wax for my other projects.... 

(Sorry J!)

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