Monday, March 16, 2015

The Man with the Plan

I've been dragging my feet getting the Ironhead put back together. I still need to finish most of the wiring but keep getting discouraged finding more and more things that need addressing. That, among being crazy busy with work, has really zapped my motivation to finish for the moment.

Now I have a goal, Psycho de Mayo Run 5 is taking place May 2nd!

I didn't participate in the previous four but I have read about it on Chop Cult. I also have heard some of the Old Filthy guys as well as other local bikers talk about it. 

It sounds like a lot of fun. Plus I know the area they usually ride through is one of the most scenic in the area and has been on my "to do" list for too long.

So it's set then. I'll finish the rewire and a few other immediate items on the Ironhead, with a plan to have it rideable for PMR5! This won't be the final version of Ginny, I'm still not sure what that will be, but it will be rideable again... for the time being.

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