Friday, March 13, 2015

Intoxication, now in High Def video!

I'm already slow with new posts and pictures and now I can be slow with uploading new videos!

I've been wanting a GoPro for a while but just couldn't justify the cost.  When the Hero4's came out, I was hoping it would lead to a drop in the Hero3's price but that didn't happen.

This morning I received an email that the local Harley dealership was liquidating their stock of Hero3+ Black Edition and Silver Edition to make way for the 4's.  I couldn't pass it up so I took an early lunch and picked this guy up.

This would've been very handy to have the past few days while I was trying all the aluminum casting. I still haven't found anyone brave enough to take pics for me while I'm doing it.  There were a few times when I messed up what I was doing because I tried to stop to take a picture or had to pass up a picture opportunity because my hands were full.  In addition, there were a lot of cool things that happen (like when pouring the metal) that just aren't expressed in a still photograph.

And you know this is going on a bike just about any time ride....

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