Friday, May 1, 2015

Made it to the Office... Mostly!

Well, we made it in to the office. Unfortunately, my tail light didn't.
I cross a set of railroad tracks on the way in and I suppose I lost it coming over them. About half a mile later a lady pulled up beside me and said, "Sir, your brake light cover fell off back there. Sorry!"

Oh well, at least that's all I lost. Aside from a sticky throttle, the ride was otherwise uneventful.

Unfortunately, she won't be making the trip home on her own. When I pulled in I noticed she was puking oil all over the side of the rear tire.
I figure she (we) did good in getting this far, no point in pushing it. Regrettably, this means I won't be able to participate in the PMR ride tomorrow. I still plan to make the pre-party tonight at C-Hunt's Ice House though and offer my services/truck as a support vehicle.

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