Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dad's junk drawer saves the day again!

So when I brought home Caroline... (Have I mentioned that before? The 77's name is 'Caroline'.)  When I brought her home... one thing that was apparent was that the handlebars weren't quite bolted down.

I even cautioned my friends that helped me unload her, the bars were stripped, don't use them for leverage.

Tonight I finally got a chance to look at them. I'd assumed the risers were stripped out but, upon closer inspection, they were just missing nuts.

So what to do now?  Oh yeah, Dad's junk drawer! 

It took some rummaging around... 

Not only did I find the nuts I needed, I found nylock nuts to fit! That's far better spec than I needed but will serve it's purpose well. 

Dammit, thank you Dad. I miss you.

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