Saturday, July 18, 2015

Date Night at TechShop

Last night I was able to convince Mrs. IE to go with me to the "Date Night" workshop at TechShop. Normally, this isn't her "thing" but I'm glad I was able to convince her to go. I had fun and I think she had a great time working with metal and especially the tools.

Hamming it up with the plasma torch.

Tearing it up with the plasma torch. I think I know what someone is getting for Christmas!

Cutting out the leaves on the Beverly shear (and sporting the Great White Bison t-shirt!).

Showing off her handiwork. That's the beautiful face I married!

And the finished product... I think they came out very good and am pleased with how well we both did. We'll definitely be looking out for the next date night at TechShop.

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