Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cope and Drag Version 1.3

I don't know if it's worthy of a revision number but, whatever. If you'll recall in the last version of the flasks I used some fancy brass latches to hold them shut. Turns out, they don't work for shit. They latch alright but as soon as you apply any force, you know like ramming sand into them, the pop open.

Because of this, I've resorted to clamping them shut which is a huge pain. I'd seen several flasks where other people had instead used a second hinge but with a removable pin. I actually thought about doing this in version 1.2 but, when I went to the hardware store, the latches were the same price as the hinges so I thought I'd be fancy. Mistake.

So it was back to the hardware store to get an additional set of hinges.

I decided to use pieces of coat hanger for the pins since they're fairly abundant and, without a doubt, I will lose quite a few.

They also still pop open just as easily as before, only this time it only happens when I want them to.


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