Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's not that I didn't like my first one, I just couldn't resist her hot older sister.

(Oh man, that title is going to get me in trouble for quite a few reasons.)

I know I've still got way to much to do on Ginny before I get her back on the road, but I couldn't pass on this 1977 XLH. The previous owner parted with her at a very favorable price so into the truck she went.

My initial intent was to swap the better parts over to Ginny and then sell the rest. It's got quite a few parts I needed and had already planned to buy in the near future:

  • New bearings in the neck and wheels.
  • Wire wheels to replace my current mags.
  • Blacked out fork sliders.
  • And a newly rebuilt engine to use while I rebuild Ginny's properly.

Though, the more I look at it, the parts on the '77 are pretty nice. I might go the other direction and use parts from Ginny to rebuild her. No, no... I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean it!! You're still my favorite!

I still need to go through it a bit better to see exactly what I got but I'm pleased with what I've seen so far. I think it was a really good purchase and, as you know, I can't pass up a nicely painted oil tank.

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