Thursday, June 18, 2015

My new work bench.

I knew I was pushing my luck. Mrs. IE generally has a high level of tolerance towards my projects, (I'm lucky, I know) but I've been kicked out of the house. Not totally, at least yet, but my mold making operation has been banned indoors.

Most of the pics you see with the dark counter top happens to be in our kitchen. I like working there. It's at a perfect height, the granite is solid, and is an ideal working surface.

I was being very careful and quite meticulous cleaning up after myself. However, the last time I neglected to wipe down the small bar shelf above the counter top. It didn't look bad but you could move anything that was in position at the time and see how much of a mess the molding sand and parting dust was really making.

Mrs. IE did that... and showed me... and, alas, I'm relocating.

For now, here's my temporary work bench. I took the opportunity to buy an outdoor storage cabinet (seen to the right in the pic). That'll be nice so that I don't have to move everything from the garage (on the other side of the house) to the backyard when I want to work.

I plan to build something a bit more sturdy (and elsewhere in the yard) once I collect the appropriate scrap. The folding table was usable but not ideal. The green patio chair was nice to sit in while I worked. The blue chair... just happened to be there. I typically don't have company while I work. 

You can also see one of my many Chaste trees in the background. While I hate constantly trimming them, they provide good visual cover as well as a bit of sound abatement from nosy neighbors. 

They'll also provide sturdy support for my hammock once Mrs. IE bans the rest of my shenanigans (and myself) indoors. };-)

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