Wednesday, June 24, 2015

And that's how I struck out with 20+ naked chicks in one day....

So I was browsing my favorite store over lunch and happened upon this bag o' Barbies. 

Of course it caught my sick and twisted attention and I had to take picture. I did, however, manage to talk myself out of buying them. Though at $6.99 it was quite a deal! There were even a couple of Ken dolls in there, if you're into that sort of thing.

If I was more artistic, I could see making some sort of piece using them (as disturbing as it may be). But I just couldn't think of anything in particular, so I had to pass.

I did mention it to a friend though who reminded me of several people I know who own art and/or photography studios. They definitely would've used them for something creative and/or cool. Maybe a background for a shoot or something like that. 

So, since I was still in the neighborhood, I headed back to the store. Though it was only a couple hours later, my chance at a ménages à vingtaine had past. Someone else had taken them home.

My friend has requested that if I ever see an opportunity like this to buy them immediately. So, if you see me out at one of the local GW stores, I'm the creepy guy buying up all the stainless steel canisters and naked Barbies.

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