Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yep, still hate you bear.

Last week, you met short bear. This week, I'd like to introduce... "explodo bear". Wait, no, I don't want to use that name just yet. I have a feeling at some point there will be one that will be more appropriately named "explodo". That or "high velocity lead poisoning bear". Sorry, where was I? Oh... introducing: "destructo bear".

I'm not exactly sure what was going on tonight. I tried molding the bear several times but just wasn't having any luck. Both times the molds just crumbled apart.

The first attempt, I compacted it as throughly as I have most all other times. Yet, when I separated the halves, parts from the cope would just slough off on to the drag.

Then, although being extremely careful, when I tried to draw the pattern, he completely crumble the drag.

What was also strange was the large amount of Petrobond stuck to his sides. Yes, I used parting dust. A ton of it to be exact, I measured.

The internal portion of mold stuck, which didn't surprise me but I couldn't even get that to come out remotely intact.

On the subsequent attempt, similar results. When I went to draw the pattern, "destructo" struck again completely destroying the drag portion.

I'm at a loss. After my initial infatuation with it, this stuff has started behaving like my homemade greensand. I'm getting low on fresh Petrobond as I've been using quite a lot lately. So I'll place an order for a new batch in the morning. 

For now, fuck this shit. I'm going to bed.

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