Thursday, June 11, 2015

That bear is mocking me.

I asked Mrs. IE to pick up some more parting dust (a.k.a. baby powder) for me at the grocery store which, of course, she did without question. She's pretty cool like that, even though it is a bit weird for a grown man to be requesting baby powder. She's known me long enough to know that the explanation behind my requests is generally even weirder than the request, so she doesn't trouble herself to inquire any longer.

Anyway, she leaves the bottle of "industrial strength, professional grade, adhesion reducing parting dust" (again, still just baby powder) for me on the counter where I was working. And what do I see on the label!?!? 

A fucking bear! I swear, it's mocking me. It won't even face me. He's just rubbing it in my face that I'm having so much trouble making the mold for the tail light housing. I'm going to be so glad once I finally get that part cast!

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