Monday, December 8, 2014

Cope and Drag Done

In between working on the furnace, I also found time to build the flask (cope and drag) and support boards.  Although I have all of the woodworking equipment at home to do this, most of it is put away or in storage since, as of late, I mostly work with metal at home.  Sparks and sawdust don't mix well.  Anyway, I just built it in the wood shop at TechShop. 

Initially, I got a little carried away making it too fancy (as far as the interlocking portion) but then realized: 

  1) It is made of wood.
  2) I will be pouring 1200 degree F metal into it.
  3) Eventually, I will manage to set it on fire.

So I simplified the alignment guides based on a few pictures I saw on the Internet.  I also made a small frame with the remaining wood.  My intent is to attach window screen to it and use it to screen clumps out of the green sand mix which I should be mixing up next....

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