Saturday, December 13, 2014

Second Attempt at the Burner

I don't have much time for an update, just wanted to post my results for the MKII version of the burner. I added a tee to it, another small nipple followed by a pipe cap. In the pipe cap, I drilled and tapped it to accept a male 1/4 NPT quick connect (the type you use with air tools). I then connected an adjustable pressure regulator in line and finally connected it to, you guessed it, an air compressor.

There was just enough time to test it before we had to go out for the evening.  It was much more impressive than the previous version.  While it did take some tweaking to get the air flow and gas levels correct, I was able to get the flame completely blue.  It's hard to tell from the picture (since there's nothing for a size reference) but the flame was about eight inches in length.

There still are a few minor changes I'd like to make (hence why there's still no parts list) but it's 90% there.  In particular, I'll probably replace the pipe where I initially machined the air slots.  When trying to push the burner to it's max, it had a tendency to "backfire" out of the slots when the air pressure dropped.  The second would be to add a separate shutoff valve for the air line (in addition to the pressure regulator).  The third may be to add a larger air reservoir.  It doesn't take a lot of pressure to achieve the best flame (about 5-10 PSI) but my poor little compressor was running it's heart out trying to keep up.

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