Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The PCB Part 2b: Transferring... again.

I decided to attack transferring the PCB again. Following the unsuccessful attempts the last time around, I made a few changes in my approach.  

First of all, I was more diligent about getting coverage and heat with the iron.  The second, I read a few additional methods that mentioned preheating the copper board first prior to applying the toner image.  And finally, I came across another site that mentioned using overhead transparency film in place of the photo paper so I added that to the mix as well.

Here's the first attempt (#4 overall) with the overhead transparency.  It wasn't perfect but is the best result so far.  I think I might be able to repair some of the incomplete tracks with a Sharpie before attempting to etch.  Another positive feature of using the transparency was, if you are careful, you can hold one end of the film and gently lift a corner to see if it is transferring adequately.

Still, I wanted to make it work with the photo paper, so on to attempt #5.  This was the worst yet.  I preheated the board as with the transparency, was very meticulous about coverage with the iron, and it hardly transferred at all.  I give up with the photo paper.

Since the copper board is double sided and my design is only a single layer, I intend to etch circuit on both sides.  That way, I can choose the best one and just sand off the other side. As I did #5 on the back of the same board of #4, I just cleaned off #5 using some Acetone and re-scuffed it with the Scotch-Brite to get ready for...

Attempt #6, back to the overhead transparency.  This is the best yet.  Again, it's still not 100% perfect but I think it's good enough to use to test the etching process. 

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