Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shopping for Forging Supplies at... Goodwill

Or should I say, foraging for forging supplies.  Wow, that was lame.  I even embarrassed myself.  Anyway, I did quite well at Goodwill today getting some of the last few accessories I needed before I really fire up the forge (hopefully tonight!).

I managed to find quite a few stainless steel containers to use as crucibles, a pair of sturdy tongs, slotted spoon, and an old (i.e. pre-Teflon) steel muffin pan.  

I also found quite a few pieces of brass.  I'm not quite ready for that just yet (as I plan to start with aluminum) but no point not to stock up.  Especially when almost everything was $.99 or $1.99!  

I did feel like I just sacked someone's house, though, as I walked out with an armload of candlesticks and other metal pieces.  I should've bought a pillow case to sack it all up in.

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